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The IT Advantage Approach to Technology Support

Traditional IT support fails small to medium sized business in that most businesses never take advantage of the technology in ways that can really help the bottom line.  Smart business owners are continually finding new ways to improve their business operations and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.  A significant tool in a business owners arsenal is Information Technology.  Our approach to IT support is different.  We're not here to just fix computers.  We're here to increase your bottom line by improving your technology.

About our IT Services

IT Advantage strives to meet our customers needs through the most efficient and cost effective IT services available.  We provide a full range of technology services, from basic PC troubleshooting to regular management of a network to complete software integrations. 

Most IT service providers are capable of fixing the day-to-day issues that small businesses like yours face on a regular basis, such as connection issues, printer problems, upgrades, or even virus attacks.  We provide all those things too. 
Here's what makes us different.

Control your costs by selecting the Service Level that's right for you

We've streamlined and automated our systems to help you get support in a way that works for you at the best price we can offer.  Our service level agreements put you in control of your costs in a way that other IT service providers can't match.  Our clients can use our website to select and update their service level at any time.

All clients have access to our automated ticketing systems which provide status updates of issues, tracking of estimated response times, and technician logged attention items which bring important issues to light.

Advantage Point Monitoring and Reporting

One of the most frustrating things for business owners can be a lack of information.  Through our online Advantage Point Monitoring and Reporting system, all of our clients have complete access to their service call history, their IT attention items logged by our technicians, and basic graphs of cost and problem trends

Higher service levels offer many advanced and convenient monitoring options, such as server availability, backup status, virus protection status, missing critical updates, employee web usage, and IT assessment results.

Technology for your Business

You probably didn't go into business so you could have cool computer systems, and technology likely isn't your main focus.  However, if you have a vision of where you want your business to go, technology is going to be key to getting there.  Our most successful relationships are with companies and management teams that are striving to improve their operations through innovative use of technology.  Whether you are cutting costs, scaling up, or branching out, we've got the tech savvy to help. 

Projects of this nature include integrating software packages, automating spreadsheet tasks, pulling disparate information together, customizing software for your business, and much more.